Boxycharm Review

Last month I ordered my first BoxyCharm box. BoxyCharm is a monthly subscription service that sends 4-5 full-size brand name beauty products to your door for $25 a month ($27 w/tax). BoxyCharm boxes are valued at over $100 per box and include free shipping for U.S. subscribers.

This is my first time purchasing a beauty box subscription, but after reading a TON of reviews I felt like BoxyCharm was the best value.

In this box received the following:

I love the silkiness of the shadows from Ace Beaute, but the colors received are not my style. The first one is a vibrant and shimmery magenta color (Huckleberry) and the other one was silver (French Vanilla). I do see myself using the purple one now and then, but silver doesn’t look good on my skin tone unless I use it for a smoky eye which is rare. Both shadows a pretty well pigmented which is a plus.

The Show Me Your Cheeks Peach Blush is exactly what I wanted! It is a nice shimmering peachy color with gold undertones. It isn’t super pigmented, but I prefer that for blush so I don’t end up looking crazy (very buildable). I think it would also be nice for a highlighter.

The mini ceramic curling iron was unexpected since I said I did not hair products in my box. I have been natural for over 10 years now and my journey has been a struggle. As a result, I am extremely skeptical about using any type of heat, besides my diffuser, on my hair. That being said this is my least favorite item from the box. However, when I do decide to do a blowout, I am excited to make some bouncy curls using this product. When I tested it out, it didn’t get too hot so that was a plus.

Another unexpected item in my box was the English Laundry – No. 7 Fragrance for Her. I didn’t answer any questions regarding what types of scents/perfumes I like so why I received a perfume I am not sure. The scent is nice enough to keep and it will fit nicely into most purses since it is pretty small. It is on the more traditional side in my opinion despite the website description which states

Pretty, Delicious & Enchanting. No.7 for women includes top notes of sparkling pear, jasmine, melon, and apricot. Gardenia, blooming jasmine, and toasted almonds are composed together as the middle notes. Adding beautiful depth to this fragrance, sandalwood, vanilla crème, and musk are added to the base notes.”

The top notes mentioned in the description are not noticeable. This was disappointing since it sounds like something I would like. The Gardenia and Jasmine in the middle notes are almost too strong. The base, sandalwood, vanilla crème and musk, help round out the fragrance. The longevity of this product is notable, and the overpowering aspects melt away throughout the day. I wouldn’t purchase this product again, but if I received it as a gift, I would still use it.

My favorite item was the Power Up Setting Spray from Inn Beauty Project. It can be under and over your make, as well as throughout the day to “refresh tired skin.” When I read that I knew that I wanted to dunk my head in a bucket of this stuff because ya girl has been looking HELLA tired lately. Luckily, the claims on the bottle are true and this spray made my skin look great with just concealer! It has a nice citrus smell which I love, but if you are sensitive to scents, then you should pass on this product. However, I will be buying this again and I highly recommend it.

Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase and I will keep my subscription to BoxyCharm. The setting spray alone retails for $22 and I got all of these products for $27. If I had purchased these products separately, I would have paid $146.98! The value of this box is more than 5x what I paid for it and I am happy with the majority of what I received.