Rage Room Philadelphia

Rage rooms are a rather new trend, and a handful of them have popped up across the country. My husband Trey and I made the drive to West Philadelphia to experience one for ourselves. We met Kea Tull, the owner of Philly’s only Rage Room, located in what looked like an abandoned building. She let us in [...]


People have been flocking to experience entertainment and food at South restaurant and jazz parlor. This cozy and elegant spot is located just off Broad Street, at the corner of Broad and Mt Vernon Streets in Philadelphia. I felt like this place needed to be reviewed from a southern girl’s perspective. The restaurant is divided [...]

Editorial Experience

My Editorial Experience was inspired by an article published by Travel and Leisure titled, The 50 Best Places to Travel in 2019. I cut the amount of destinations down to 15 for the sake of time. I took small excerpts from the website to add to the description. I used a tropical inspired color palette [...]