Edge Naturale Review

What does self-care mean to you? For me, it means caring for my body, inside and out. I do a full-body assessment so I can see what part of me needs the most love. This way, I'm able to reap all of the full benefits of my self-care Sunday, and Monday if it's been a … Continue reading Edge Naturale Review

Zoey And The Bee

Recently, I purchased some outdoor furniture (a wooden table and a bench) so I could enjoy some fresh air sunshine while I write since going outdoors during this pandemic is a no for me. At first everything was fine. I would sit on my back porch read/write. I even tried (and failed) to tan. Occasionally, … Continue reading Zoey And The Bee

With Curlz Like These

I was invited to be on @popcornandconversate with my good friend @yogfshairgoals. We had so much fun and I was honored to be the first guest on the show. We pop some popcorn, and conversate (yes it’s a word) about the world and our lives. The tea was HOT so check it out! Don't forget … Continue reading With Curlz Like These


People have been flocking to experience entertainment and food at South restaurant and jazz parlor. This cozy and elegant spot is located just off Broad Street, at the corner of Broad and Mt Vernon Streets in Philadelphia. I felt like this place needed to be reviewed from a southern girl’s perspective. The restaurant is divided … Continue reading SOUTH